The World’s Future According to the Bible – Eugene Higgins (12 Video presentations)

Eugene Higgins (New Jersey, USA) preaches a series of sermons on future events according to the Bible, from the second coming of Christ to the inauguration of the new heavens and the new earth, and everything in between.

Clear, contextual and challenging, these Biblical messages will repay careful viewing.

PART 1 – It’s the Road, Not Your Religion

In this first message of the series Eugene deals with the personal destiny of each human being based on what road they are travelling on.

PART 2 – What is Heaven Really Like?

Under this question Eugene Higgins deals with the subjects of life after death, heaven and hell and eternity.

PART 3 – The Rapture – Where Did All the Christians Go?

Eugene Higgins explains why and how the Lord will rapture all the Christians to heaven before the tribulation, and urges you not to be left behind.

PART 4 – What is Israel’s Future? Does it Matter to Me?

From the Bible Eugene Higgins traces the history and future of the Jewish nation.

PART 5 – War in the Middle East

Eugene Higgins explains many of the Bible’s prophecies relating to the future ‘tribulation period’ in which Israel will be attacked but ultimately delivered.

PART 6 – Galloping Global Grief

Eugene Higgins sets out the incredible details – from Matthew’s gospel and John’s Revelation – of the catastrophic events that will hit the earth during the future tribulation period.

PART 7 – What Are People in Heaven Doing Right Now?

Eugene Higgins gives a true Biblical view of heaven, and emphasises the fact that all of its occupants are ‘saved people’ who praise the Lamb who died that they might be there.

PART 8 – The Coming World Ruler – Anti-God, Anti-Christ, Anti-you

Eugene Higgins preaches on the coming world ruler, known widely as the antichrist, whose number is 666.

PART 9 – Spotlight on Iraq

Eugene Higgins preaches on the two notable end-time cities – Babylon and the New Jerusalem – and contrasts their occupants and destinies

PART 10 – The King is Coming Back

Eugene Higgins explains the great event known as the second advent of Christ – when He returns to earth to inaugurate His kingdom and reign supreme over the world that currently rejects Him

PART 11 – Earth’s Future Golden Age

Eugene Higgins explains what ‘the Millennium’ – the 1,000 year reign of Christ – is all about

PART 12 – An Appointment with the Almighty

Eugene Higgins preaches a powerful and thought provoking message about the final judgment of all the wicked dead at “the great white throne”

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