Origins Conference: The Origin of The Universe (Video: 78 min)

In October 2015 an Origins Apologetics Conference was held in the Gospel Hall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Over seven sessions, a number of significant topics were taken up by Michael Penfold, all relating to the question of origins.

PART 2 – The Origin of The Universe

There are 4 options for the origin of the universe: 1. The universe is not really here – it’s an illusion. 2. The universe has always been here. 3. The universe created itself from nothing. 4. The universe was created by God. Referencing Romans Ch 1, the case is made that the existence of God is patently obvious to all but the deliberate unbeliever. This leads to the conclusion that atheism is a moral and volitional choice, not an intellectual one. The question “Who made God?” is also addressed. Readings: Gen 1:1, Psa 14:1, Acts 17:22-29, Rom 1:18-25, 32.

Complete series:

  1. The origin of truth
  2. The origin of the universe
  3. The origin of life
  4. The origin of species
  5. The origin of the gospel
  6. The origin of morality and meaning
  7. The origin of evil