Origins Conference: The Origin of Meaning and Morality (Video: 83 min)

In October 2015 a Christian apologetics conference on the subject of “Origins” was held at the Gospel Hall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Over seven sessions, a wide range of fundamental issues were taken up by Michael Penfold, all relating to the question of origins.

Session 6 looks at The Origin of Meaning and Morality. Without God, what is the ultimate objective meaning of life, and how can we tell the difference between right and wrong? Atheistic professor William Provine rightly observed that Darwinism means, “No life after death; no ultimate foundation for ethics; no ultimate meaning for life; no free will.” This session looks in detail at the effect the advent of Darwinism has had on theology, history, philosophy and morality. The staggeringly deleterious influence that Darwin’s erroneous ideas have had on the likes of Neitzsche, Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Freud and others, and all that has flowed from that influence in the 20th century and beyond, beggars belief.