Origins Conference: The Origin of Evil (Video: 40 min)

In October 2015 a Christian apologetics conference on the subject of “Origins” was held at the Gospel Hall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Over seven sessions, a wide range of fundamental issues were taken up by Michael Penfold, all relating to the question of origins.

Session 7 looks at the The Origin of Evil. Time Magazine’s cover on June 10th 1991 asked “Evil – Does it exist or do bad things just happen?” In a Darwinian world there is no evil. There’s just DNA. Nature red in tooth and claw. But if there is a God, isn’t evil even more of a problem? How can God and evil co-exist? This session tackles this question, looking at man’s free will and the origin of sin, evil and death, and the remedy for all of these catastrophes in the person of Jesus Christ.