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The Tragic Triumph of Experience over Truth

The Tragic Triumph of Experience Over Truth by Michael J. Penfold Across vast swathes of evangelicalism, doctrine and theology have become dirty words, while what “feels good” has won the day. Exposition has been surrendered to entertainment, preaching to performance, doctrine to drama, and theology to theatrics. As in modern politics, gut feeling has triumphed […]

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The Family Altar

Author and preacher Franklin Ferguson (1866-1957) from New Zealand, who for 30 years edited The Treasury magazine, wrote a helpful article on the vital subject of “the family altar”, a term once widely employed to describe the habit of Christian families reading and praying together daily. His exhortations provide wise counsel for 21st century families […]

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Introducing Dr. Mark Sweetnam (Author)

Dr Mark Sweetnam, a professor at Trinity College, Dublin, has published widely on a range of topics, including articles on Donne, Shakespeare, Alexander Montgomerie, early-modern preaching and millennialism. Four of his books will be of particular interest to Webtruth readers. In Worship – The Christian’s Highest Calling (9781909789104), Dr Sweetnam seeks first to define worship – never […]

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