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Apologetics 101: The Rock of Scripture (Audio: 63 min)

The Rock of Scripture Audio presentation by Michael J. Penfold Apologetics 101 – PART 4 of 5 In 1890, British Prime Minister, William Gladstone, wrote a book about the Bible entitled “The Impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture”. Battering this rock over recent centuries has been Higher Criticism, one of the off-shoots of the Enlightenment. In […]

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NT Church Basics – Ch 7 – The Local Assembly Proclaims Divine Truth

New Testament Church Basics Chapter 7 – The Local Assembly Proclaims Divine Truth Before looking, in this chapter, at the local assembly’s role as a vehicle for the dissemination and defence of Bible doctrine, a particular aspect of ‘proclaiming divine truth’ must be mentioned. In the weekly Lord’s Supper, sometimes called “the breaking of bread” […]

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