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An excerpt from “The Sexton” by Isaac Ewan

In The Caravanserai, a collection of poems by the early 20th Century Scottish poet Isaac Y. Ewan, there is an impressive and unique composition entitled “The Sexton”. A sexton is a religious official charged with taking care of a church building and its contents, organising the ringing of its bell and sometimes burying the dead in its graveyard. Ewan portrays his […]

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Eternity (A poem by Isaac Ewan)

Timeless Eternity A poem by Isaac Y. Ewan Timeless eternity, Shoreless infinity, Measureless, limitless, fathomless sea! Incomprehensible, Vastness extensible, Ever and ever and ever to be! Life’s perpetuity, Love’s continuity, Ceasesless and sinless, in fulness and free! Joyous futurity, Blessed security, Ever and ever and ever to be! Judgement’s immensity, Torment’s intensity, Fearful finality, changeless […]

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