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The Gospel According to Gumbel (the Alpha Course)

The Gospel According to Gumbel (the Alpha Course) by Michael J. Penfold The hugely popular Alpha Course, written by ex-Barrister turned Anglican Curate Nicky Gumbel, styles itself as a friendly, fun and non-threatening ‘practical introduction to the Christian faith’. Summarised in Gumbel’s best-selling book Questions of Life, Alpha involves people attending fifteen 40 minute talks, spread over ten weeks. […]

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Three Kinds of Faith

The Lord Jesus constantly drew attention to the fact that it is quite possible to look, sound and act like a ‘Christian’ without ever actually being one. He spoke of two trees that looked very similar but ultimately one was seen, by its fruit, to be diseased. Then He spoke of two houses that outwardly appeared the same. No […]

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