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Gambling and Alcohol – A Biblical Perspective

This article by Dr. A. J. Higgins M.D. (New Jersey, USA) tackles two epidemics of 21st Century western culture – gambling and alcohol – and examines them from a Biblical perspective. Any student of American history quickly recognises the name of Eliot Ness and his “Untouchables”, who enforced prohibition in Chicago during the 1930’s. Alcohol […]

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How To Get A Sermon

J. Sidlow Baxter (1903-1999): “The greatest sermons usually come when we are not looking for sermons but are studying the Word of God for the sake of its own vital truth. “Much depends on our method of study. According to choice, we may study the books of the Bible spiritually, historically, typically, topically, prophectically, dispensationally, […]

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Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel?

Central to every genuine spiritual revival, has always been the public preaching of the gospel. Directly through this particular means1 the Holy Spirit has been pleased to awaken multitudes to a proper sense of the dreadfulness of their sin against God. They have been stripped of all self-righteousness, broken in repentance and have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, […]

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