How to Get a Sermon

How to Get a Sermon

by J. Sidlow Baxter (1903-1999)

“The greatest sermons usually come when we are not looking for sermons but are studying the Word of God for the sake of its own vital truth.

“Much depends on our method of study. According to choice, we may study the books of the Bible spiritually, historically, typically, topically, prophectically, dispensationally, analytically, biographically, critically, devotionally or in other ways.

“The sixty-six books are not simply a collections of writings; they are one book – one in the progressiveness of the revelation which they collectively unfold, one in the harmony of the structure which they collectively constitute, one in the spiritual unity of the message which they collectively declare.”

(Selections from Explore the Book, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1960, p. 10-12)