Gender Theorist and Author Changes His Mind

Christopher Dummitt, an historian of culture and politics, and an associate professor at Trent University’s School for the Study of Canada, was until recently a believer in and promoter of the new idea that gender is just a societal construct, and that biological sex does not determine ‘who you are’. This is the lie that has taken over the West’s media (BBC etc.), its Schools and Universities, and its politics.

Thankfully he’s changed his mind.

In an explosive piece of writing, Dummitt now says of the thinking behind the gender theory – thinking that has turned Western society upside down – and I quote, “The problem was, and is, that I was making it all up.”

Please take time to read his piece here:


The Bible reveals that male and female genders are fixed God-given categories, synonymous with a person’s biological sex (Gen 1:27). It is the new “gender theory” lie that is the real societal construct.

Michael J. Penfold