BOOK REVIEW: Books by Jim Flanigan

Books by Jim Flanigan

Mr James (Jim) Moorhead Flanigan (1931-2014), from Northern Ireland, had a long a fruitful speaking and writing ministry that lasted more than 40 years. He travelled widely throughout the UK, Ireland, North America, Australia, South Africa and Israel, always leaving behind him a savour of Christ. He was known for his personal godliness, his Christ-exalting ministry and his fervour in gospel endeavour. Of his written works, J.M. Flanigan’s obituary in The Believer’s Magazine said, “Thoughtful, orderly, accurate and lucid in his writings, Jim has left for us a large legacy, rich in both exposition of Scripture and in appreciation of Christ.”

Each of the following titles will repay their cost many times over. Webtruth considers Mr Flanigan’s commentary on the Psalms to be the best in print. His writings are doctrinally sound, dispensational in outlook and always rich in devotional content.

Commentaries (What the Bible Teaches series):

Esther (9781904064770) 453 pages (Includes Ezra and Nehemiah by other authors)
Song of Solomon (9781904064305) 635 pages (Includes Isaiah by John Riddle)
Ruth (9781904064343) 526 pages (Includes Joshua and Judges other authors)
Psalms (9781904064022) 640 pages

Other titles:

Notes on Revelation (9780948417214) 120 pages
Footprints of the Saviour (9781882701018) 108 pages
Christ in the Levitical Offerings (9781907731266) 95 pages
Behold Your King (9781904064114) 158 pages