Help with Overcoming the Internet’s Two Big Problems – Defilement and Distraction

Help with Overcoming the Internet’s Two Big Problems – Defilement and Distraction

by Michael J. Penfold

Let’s cut straight to the chase here.

The internet is a double-edged sword. Supremely useful and pretty much essential on the one hand; but a huge time waster and a moral danger on the other.

Here are two apps for your phone, tablet and laptop/PC that will preserve you from these two dangers:

1. “Covenant Eyes” – Preventing Defilement

Covenant Eyes enables you to be accountable to another person for your internet activity. It enables you to block specific websites, plus it captures screenshots of your activity, blurs them and sends any that appear bad to your accountability partner. Learn about the many helpful features of Covenant Eyes at www.covenanteyes.com Watch some tutorials on their YouTube page.

2. “Focus Me” – Preventing Distraction

This enables you to block apps and websites, or even the whole internet, when and for however long you wish. Distracted by the news? Social media? Email? Click a button and they can all be blocked one app or one website at a time for as long as you wish, while you continue doing what you really want to do – undistracted. Find out more at www.focusme.com Watch some video tutorials on their YouTube page.

I have used both of these apps for many years and highly recommend them.

One more thing. Why not use a mobile phone that allows you not to have an internet browser, nor social media apps, nor the app store available (thus obliterating the 24/7 addiction and distraction of news and social media notifications)? On an iPhone these can be hidden behind a restrictions code only known by a friend.

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