Reach My Blest Saviour First (Poem by William Noel Tomkins)

Reach My Blest Saviour First

by William Noel Tomkins (1839-1918)

Christ’s grave is vacant now,
Left for the throne above;
His cross asserts God’s right to bless,
In His own boundless love.

‘Twas there the blood was shed;
‘Twas there the life was poured;
There mercy gained her diadem,
While justice sheathed her sword.

And thence the child of faith
Sees judgment all gone by,
Perceived the sentence fully met:
“The soul that sins shall die!”

Learns how that God is love,
Gave Christ the sins to bear,
Of all who own His lordship now,
That they His place might share;

And cries with wondering joy,
“As He is so am I”,
Pure, holy, loved as Christ Himself;
Who shall my peace destroy?

Reach my blest Saviour first;
Take Him from God’s esteem;
Prove Jesus bears one spot of sin;
Then tell me I’m unclean!

Nay! For He purged my guilt
By His own precious blood,
And such its virtue not a stain
E’er meets the eye of God.