Peace: It Is I (Poem by Anatolius of Constantinople)

Peace: It Is I

by Anatolius of Constantinople (Translated by J.M. Neale in 1862)

Fierce was the wild billow,
Dark was the night;
Oars laboured heavily,
Foam glimmered white;
Trembled the mariners,
Peril was nigh;
Then said the Son of God,
“Peace! It is I!”

Ridge of the mountain-wave,
Lower thy crest!
Wail of Euroclydon,
Be thou at rest!
Peril can never be,
Sorrow must fly,
When, saith the Light of Light,
“Peace! It is I!”

Jesus, Deliverer,
Come Thou to me!
Soothe Thou my voyaging,
Over life’s sea!
Thou, when the storm of death
Roars sweeping by,
Whisper, O Truth of Truth,
“Peace! It is I!”