I Cannot Say (Poem by F. G. Browning)

I Cannot Say

A poem by F. G. Browning

I cannot say beneath the pressure of life’s care to-day, “I joy in these”;
But I can say that I had rather walk this rugged way, if Him it please.

I cannot feel that all is well when darkening clouds conceal the shining sun;
But this I know God lives and loves; and I can say, since it is so, “Thy will be done.”

I cannot speak in happy tones; the tear-drops on my cheek show I am sad;
But I can speak of grace to suffer with submission meek, until made glad.

I do not see why God should e’en permit some things to be, when He is love;
But I can see though often dimly, through the mystery, His hand above.

I may not try to keep the hot tears back; but hush that sigh “it might have been”;
And try to still each rising murmur, and to God’s sweet will respond – Amen.

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