He Will Come (A poem by Isaac Ewan)

He Will Come

by Isaac Y. Ewan

He will come; surely come; quickly come;
And His praise will rise from lips no longer dumb.
For the weeping in the night
Oft has dimmed the vision bright,
But He’ll come; yes, He’ll come; quickly come.

We’ll be glad; O so glad; ever glad.
Ne’er again the hearts that love Him shall be sad.
Every cloud shall disappear
Every sorrow, every tear.
We’ll be glad, yes, be glad; O so glad.

‘Twill be soon; very soon; truly soon;
In the morn, at eve, or midnight, or at noon.
Soon we’ll see that blessed face
Once so marred for us in grace.
‘Twill be soon; yes, be soon; very soon.

Then we’ll sing; ever sing; sweetly sing;
Sing in everlasting love’s eternal spring.
We will sing the rapture song
Of the changed and raptured throng.
O we’ll sing; yes, we’ll sing; sweetly sing.

We will wait, calmly wait, watch and wait
With the eye of faith alight with prospects great;
Wait amidst the gloom afar
For the bright and morning Star.
We will wait; yes, we’ll wait, calmly wait.

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