First Days for God (Will Houghton)

First Days for God

A poem by Will Houghton

First days for God,
Before Thy life is moulded,
And God is given
Second place – or none.
Give Him thy time,
And see His plan unfolded;
Find in thy years
Eternity begun.

First hours for God;
The day will not be wasted
If thou dost tarry
In His presence till.
Strength from His strength
Is found for every burden,
Thou art encircled
By His holy will.

First thoughts for God,
Who giveth power for thinking;
Humble and contrite
Be thy will to learn.
He thought of thee
In living and in dying:
For thine affection
Does thy Saviour yearn.

So shalt thou seek
Him first, and be rewarded;
So shalt thou find
Himself the great supply;
No day, nor hour,
Nor thought, without His blessing;
With Christ to live!
And so, with Him, to die!