Chart of Israel, the Church and the Nations

When God deals with mankind creatorially He sees but one group. There is but one human race, despite differences of colour, culture and creed. God created humanity “of one blood” (Acts 17:26). However, when God deals with men redemptively He sees two groups, the saved and the lost (John 3:36, Rev 22:11). Yet, when God deals with mankind providentially, exercising His moral government in the affairs of His world, He sees three groups: Israel, the Church and the nations (the Gentiles) (1 Cor 10:32).

God has specific purposes for each of these three entities. He began working with the nations first, then Israel, and lastly the Church. However, when God wraps up the history of the world, He will work in the reverse order. He will complete the church first at the rapture, then unite and restore the nation of Israel at the end of the tribulation, before finally blessing all the nations of the world through Abraham’s seed in the Millennium (Gen 22:18).

Israel, Church and Nations Chart in JPG

Israel Church and Nations Chart in PDF

Michael J. Penfold