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The World’s Future According to the Bible – Eugene Higgins (12 Video presentations)

Eugene Higgins (New Jersey, USA) preaches a series of sermons on future events according to the Bible, from the second coming of Christ to the inauguration of the new heavens and the new earth, and everything in between. Clear, contextual and challenging, these Biblical messages will repay careful viewing. PART 1 – It’s the Road, […]

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Origins Apologetics Conference – Michael Penfold (6 Video presentations)

In October 2015 a Christian apologetics conference on the subject of “Origins” was held at the Gospel Hall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Over seven sessions, a wide range of fundamental issues were taken up by Michael Penfold, all relating to the question of origins. Session 1 dealt with The Origin of Truth. What is truth? […]

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Dispensations Conference – Dan Shutt, Ian Jackson and David Vallance (4 Video presentations)

In October 2015 a conference on the subject of “dispensations and ages” was held at the Gospel Hall in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Understanding the Bible’s dispensations greatly aids in appreciating its overall flow, structure and goal. These sessions will repay careful viewing. Dan Shutt opened the conference with “An Introduction to Dispensationalism”, outlining the concept of […]

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