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The Original Lie

The Original Lie by Michael J. Penfold The catalyst for humanity’s first sin was a powerfully attractive but ultimately deceptive proposal from Satan: “Disobey God and look what will be yours – you won’t die, but rather your eyes will be opened, and you will be like gods”. It was an offer of life, light […]

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What is the Difference between Propitiation and Atonement?

What is the Difference between Propitiation and Atonement? Samuel McBride This article was originally published as a book called Atonement – Old or New Testament Doctrine? It is taught by many that ‘atonement’ is an exclusively Old Testament idea that means to “cover sin up”, whereas ‘propitiation’ is a New Testament truth that enables the […]

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Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?

Arriving at a clear understanding of the true nature of salvation represents the first step in settling the question of eternal security. The Bible clearly teaches that at the very moment of genuine repentance and saving faith a sinner is: Converted – turned around (Acts 3:19) Reconciled – made at peace (2 Cor 5:19) Sanctified […]

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Once a matter of life and death, transubstantiation is now generally a matter of indifference. Despite the fact that the process of transubstantiation apparently takes place 120,000,000 times a year (once at each Catholic Mass worldwide), many evangelicals have neither heard of the word nor know what it means. Even when they find out, they […]

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