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Do or Done?

Do or Done? by Michael J. Penfold An examination of the world’s religions quickly reveals one stand-out fact. Whether Hinduism with its rituals, Islam with its pilgrimages, Roman Catholicism with its sacraments or evangelicalism with its “sinner’s prayer”, ultimately all religious want you to do something to get right with God. Your salvation, your forgiveness, […]

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How To Find Peace

Inner peace. Illusive, fleeting, easily disturbed. How to obtain it? How to maintain it? Meditation, drugs, religion, yoga, romance? Endless options, mixed success. There’s another kind of peace that’s more fundamental, more important. Objective rather than subjective; fixed rather than variable. You need it. Think about this. The opposite of peace is war. Ever since […]

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The Two Ways

The Bible outlines two ways. Man’s way and God’s way – the way of lawlessness and the way of righteousness. These ways are opposed to each other. Indeed, one is a deliberate turning away from the other. Isaiah describes it well. “All we, like sheep, have gone astray, we have turned, every one, to his […]

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Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel?

Central to every genuine spiritual revival, has always been the public preaching of the gospel. Directly through this particular means1 the Holy Spirit has been pleased to awaken multitudes to a proper sense of the dreadfulness of their sin against God. They have been stripped of all self-righteousness, broken in repentance and have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, […]

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The Gospel According to Gumbel (the Alpha Course)

The Gospel According to Gumbel (the Alpha Course) by Michael J. Penfold The hugely popular Alpha Course, written by ex-Barrister turned Anglican Curate Nicky Gumbel, styles itself as a friendly, fun and non-threatening ‘practical introduction to the Christian faith’. Summarised in Gumbel’s best-selling book Questions of Life, Alpha involves people attending fifteen 40 minute talks, spread over ten weeks. […]

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Three Kinds of Faith

The Lord Jesus constantly drew attention to the fact that it is quite possible to look, sound and act like a ‘Christian’ without ever actually being one. He spoke of two trees that looked very similar but ultimately one was seen, by its fruit, to be diseased. Then He spoke of two houses that outwardly appeared the same. No […]

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