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The Bible and Genetic Engineering

Dr David Vallance, a Christian medical doctor from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, gives a Biblical perspective on the difficult and contentious issues of genetic engineering, designer babies, fetal harvesting and transhumanism. In the beginning, God directed Adam to subdue and rule the earth, and everything in it (Gen 1:28). In this “dominion mandate” the Lord […]

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The 2-Minute Mistake, that will cost you your Privacy, Liberty, Tranquility and Sanctity

It only takes a couple of minutes to download Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You gain some connectivity, some fame and maybe even make some money. But there’s a downside. You lose your privacy, liberty, tranquility and sanctity, and may never get them back. All in 2 minutes. 1. Privacy Have you ever wondered […]

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Gambling and Alcohol – A Biblical Perspective

This article by Dr. A. J. Higgins M.D. (New Jersey, USA) tackles two epidemics of 21st Century western culture – gambling and alcohol – and examines them from a Biblical perspective. Any student of American history quickly recognises the name of Eliot Ness and his “Untouchables”, who enforced prohibition in Chicago during the 1930’s. Alcohol […]

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A Christian Perspective on Euthanasia

This article by Dr. A. J. Higgins M.D. (New Jersey, USA) sets out the Bible’s teaching on debility and euthanasia: Shakespeare said it back in 1600: “Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history, is second childishness and mere oblivion, sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.” Solomon’s description in Ecclesiastes 12 […]

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Two Worlds

At the beginning, God placed man in Eden’s paradise. The original creatorial order featured harmony between the Creator and His creation under the rule of Adam, heaven’s vice-regent on earth. Satan engineered a rebellion which resulted in Adam rejecting God’s authority. Adam shifted his allegiance from God to the arch enemy Satan, and since that […]

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