Online Expository Resource Links

Webtruth is pleased to recommend numerous sources of sound expositional material from around the world. These are trusted websites making written and audio Bible teaching available in the English language.

A number of monthly magazines have done a valuable service in uploading articles going back many years, so that the writings of a whole generation of worthy writers from the past (and present) are easily accessible and searchable online. Check out:

Assembly Testimony magazine
The Believer’s Magazine
Truth and Tidings magazine

There are a number of sound publishing houses that are putting out new and old titles on a regular basis. John Ritchie Ltd., in addition to its indispensable What The Bible Teaches commentary series (Old Testament and New Testament) has in recent years reprinted dozens of valuable writings from a previous generation in its “Classic Reprint” series. Another publisher, Scripture Teaching Library, is bringing out numerous new and old titles of interest for a new generation. In summary, here are five links to trusted publishers:

John Ritchie Ltd
Scripture Teaching Library
Precious Seed Publications
Myrtlefield House
Gospel Tract Publications

Old Writings
The folks at Stem Publishing have done a tremendous job of uploading the writings of the “early brethren” online. It seems to be one of the internet’s best kept secrets that all of the writings of the following men are available and searchable online: William Kelly, J.G. Bellett, C.H. Mackintosh, W.W. Fereday, J. McBroom and others. In addition, much of the output of other authors such as F.W. Grant and S. Ridout are available. All of this can be searched by book, topic or author at www.stempublishing.com.

If you google “Norman Crawford Voices for Christ”, the first link will point you to 240 of Mr. Crawford’s sermons. Do the same with other names and you will find messages by gifted Bible expositors such as Jim Allen (285), Jim Baker (160), Harry Bell (53), Tom Bentley (331), David Craig (55), Fred Cundick (39), Jim Flanigan (177), David Gilliland (782), AMS Gooding (226), John Grant (228), Jeffrey Harrison (80), A.J. Higgins (93), Jack Hunter (275), Albert Leckie (459), Sydney Maxwell (93), Robert McPheat (185), Harold Paisley (387) and John Stubbs (105), to name but a few. These names are only mentioned as samples of many others. Voices for Christ has over 50,000 messages available! The wealth of teaching available is more than anyone could possibly get through in one lifetime. Other websites that host hundreds of messages each are:

Ministry of the Word
The Glorious Gospel
Hebron Gospel Hall
Tape Teaching

Follow up the above links and do your soul good! Much of the “Bible teaching” material available online, often produced in multiple angle HD video, is either lacking in serous content or contains error of one kind or another. However, for the serious student who desires “wholesome words”, the above links will prove most worthwhile.

Michael J. Penfold