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How the Screen Won

How The Screen Won by Michael J Penfold British journalist and satirist Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990), writing before the dawn of the internet age, observed that “…the media in general, and TV in particular, and BBC television especially, are incomparably the greatest […]

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Everyone Worships Something

Everyone Worships Something by Michael J. Penfold Everyone worships something, even atheists. Actually, especially atheists. Obliterating God from one’s life leaves a gargantuan hole that, consciously or unconsciously, God-rejectors cannot help but try to fill with meaningful God-substitutes. Nature abhors […]

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God is Obvious

God is Obvious by Michael J. Penfold From Augustine and Thomas Aquinas in the past, to John Lennox and William Lane Craig in the present, there has been a steady stream of formidable Christian apologists throughout history who have furnished […]

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