Apologetics 101: The Uniqueness of Christianity (Audio: 58 min)

The Uniqueness of Christianity

Audio presentation by Michael J. Penfold

Apologetics 101 – PART 5 of 5

Consciously or not, every human being has a worldview; it’s the way they view themselves, the world and all of reality. That worldview has consequences, for what a person believes determines how they live. So what is the correct worldview and how can it be verified? Michael Penfold tests 5 common worldviews against three questions: “Where do we come from?”, “What’s wrong with the world?”, and “How do we solve the problem?”. After demonstrating that atheism, Marxism, Islam and Buddhism all fail as coherent worldviews, he introduces biblical Christianity, which provides true answers to the big questions of life. He includes a biblical answer to the oft-raised objection: “If God is a God of love, why is there so much evil in the world”. (Presentation given in 2019 in the Town Hall, Limavady)

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  2. The Folly of Atheism
  3. The Lie of Evolution
  4. The Rock of Scripture
  5. The Uniqueness of Christianity

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