“Christ, of the Substance of Mary” – A History of the Defence of the Doctrine

by Michael J. Penfold Elsewhere on this website I have written defending the truth that, in His incarnation, the Lord Jesus took of the substance of the virgin Mary (See Did the Lord Take Anything from Mary?). I briefly referenced some ‘Church history’ in that article, but I intend now to give a much fuller […]

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Chart: Thomas Newberry’s Diagram of Greek Prepositions

The Newberry Reference Bible (KJV) has been my Bible of choice for reading, studying and preaching for many years. (It is currently published by John Ritchie Ltd. of Kilmarnock, Scotland, and is available from Eden, Amazon, ABE Books etc.). One of the handiest items in the Newberry Bible is the diagram of Greek prepositions, which […]

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Perhaps Today?

  Perhaps Today It appeared one morning, out of the blue, pinned to the wall to the right of the fireplace in the living room. A scroll-shaped plaque bearing just two words: “Perhaps Today”. As a 9 year old I wondered; perhaps what today? What a strange plaque. I asked my mother; “What does the new plaque […]

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