What makes a meeting “an assembly gathering”?

What makes a meeting an “assembly gathering”? by Michael J. Penfold A survey of the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline epistles reveals that churches in the first century assembled for a variety of regular meetings, among them; prayer meetings, Bible teaching meetings and, of course, the Lord’s Supper.1 On such occasions a whole […]

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Everyone Worships Something

Everyone Worships Something by Michael J. Penfold Everyone worships something, even atheists. Actually, especially atheists. Obliterating God from one’s life leaves a gargantuan hole that, consciously or unconsciously, God-rejectors cannot help but try to fill with meaningful God-substitutes. Nature abhors a vacuum. Now, here’s where it gets tricky. The substitute gods of secularism over-promise and […]

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The Rock of Scripture (Audio: 63 min)

The Rock of Scripture Audio presentation by Michael J. Penfold Apologetics 101 – PART 4 of 5 In 1890, British Prime Minister, William Gladstone, wrote a book about the Bible entitled “The Impregnable Rock of Holy Scripture”. Battering this rock over recent centuries has been Higher Criticism, one of the off-shoots of the Enlightenment. In […]

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