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Gambling and Alcohol – A Biblical Perspective

This article by Dr. A. J. Higgins M.D. (New Jersey, USA) tackles two epidemics of 21st Century western culture – gambling and alcohol – and examines them from a Biblical perspective. Any student of American history quickly recognises the name of Eliot Ness and his “Untouchables”, who enforced prohibition in Chicago during the 1930’s. Alcohol […]

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Secular Psychology Harms the Gospel and Christian Living

In two books examining the withering effects of modern secular Western culture on Christian life and Biblical theology, author David Wells provides page upon page of perceptive comment to help the reader make sense of our confusing times. Reading Losing Our Virtue (9780851115771) and No Place For Truth (9780802837134) will amply repay your time and attention. Wells […]

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Evangelical Feminism

Dr. A. J. Higgins M.D. (New Jersey, USA) addresses the issue of feminism from a Biblical perspective, with particular emphasis on how feministic thinking, in the form of “evangelical feminism”, is challenging the way the Bible has been interpreted for many centuries. Its Roots What should be our Scriptural worldview of the feminist movement? How […]

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