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12 Must-Have Books on Calvinism

Theologically sound, well-written books on the subject of election and predestination, that avoid the extremes of “limited atonement” (Calvinism) on the one hand, and the “falling away” doctrine (Arminianism) on the other, can be hard to come by. Listed here are 12 volumes that engage with the Biblical text using a proper grammatical-historical hermeneutic and […]

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Sound Biblical Exegesis Inevitably Leads to Pre-Millennialism

The author Erich Sauer (1898-1959), in chapter 20 of his classic work From Eternity to Eternity (Paternoster Press, 1954), includes an impeccably argued passage in which he addresses the importance of taking literally the Bible’s prophecies of a future Millennial kingdom of God on earth. His analysis will repay careful reading: “The expectation of a […]

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