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 What is the Gospel? - the false and the true.

 Three Kinds of Faith - The Lord Jesus constantly drew attention to the fa ... Read more

 Conversion - Incidental, Important or Imperative? - What’s compulsory for entrance to heaven but merel ... Read more

 The Gospel According to Gumbel (the Alpha Course) - Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the las ... Read more

 Is The Contemporary Gospel Another Gospel? - Central to every genuine spiritual revival, has al ... Read more

 Bible Version Issues - 1611 and all that.

 Is The King James Version Perfect? - The King James Version of the Bible still excels a ... Read more

 Theological Issues - on various subjects.

 My Favourite Books - If you find the writings of Darby and Kelly hard-g ... Read more

 Transubstantiation - Once a matter of life and death, transubstantiatio ... Read more

 Can Christians Lose Their Salvation? - Arriving at a clear understanding of the true natu ... Read more

 Cultural Issues - where it's at.

 The Da Vinci Code (a critique) - In New England, USA, there lives a former English ... Read more

 Postmodernism - A new kind of language stalks the land, based on a ... Read more

 Scientific Issues - Darwin, Dawkins and doubt.

 Stephen W. Hawking and the Grand Designer - In his 2010 book, The Grand Design, Stephen W. Haw ... Read more

 If There's a God... - The British TV series Dixon of Dock Green ran for ... Read more

 The Origin of Species - In the BBC series ‘Great Britons’ in 2002, Charles ... Read more

 Worship Issues - style and content.

 Mission Praise and Contemporary Song Books - A hymn book and a Bible. For hundreds of years ‘th ... Read more

 Contemporary Praise & Worship - Assessing contemporary praise and worship (CPW) is ... Read more

 Church Issues - local church doctrine & principles.

 The Purpose Driven Church (a critique) - It’s a depressing statistic. A majority of Western ... Read more

 Is the One-Pastor System Scriptural? - A young man feels ‘called to the ministry’. His pa ... Read more

 Family Issues - Home sweet home.

 Successful Child Rearing - Which Bible verse best expresses the opposite of E ... Read more

 Bible Study - Articles on Bible study and Bible book outlines

 How to Study the Bible - Although it is an honour to engage in the immensel ... Read more